ASODEF NGO business opportunities

As the global development finance landscape continues to evolve, many NGOs that in the past would have never considered working with the private sector are increasingly looking to companies that want to do good to collaborate in their projects.

But why, though, are some firms willing to work more with some nongovernmental organizations than others, and what do can development professionals need to know to help them rally private sector support for their causes?

Those NGOs – increasing in number – that
willingly (even enthusiastically) engage with the
business sector as partners in development, are
still able to be realistic about some of their
corporate partner shortcomings. As one NGO
manager who was interviewed as part of the XSP
project asserted:

“We ask ourselves quite often whether our
partnering activities are „green washing‟
companies. We also agonise as to whether being
funded by a company to do our work, even if
through this we raise awareness of environmental
issues more widely, is a conflict of interest for an
environmental NGO.

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